The LFS St. Andrä and the LFS Buchhof are the “Agricultural school Lavant-Valley”.

1 We are the agricultural school for Domestic science and Leisure coaching (freetime coaching). Our school philosophy is „Education for everyday life!“ Our students learn the basics for a perfect start in an independent private and professional life!

Parts of our education are:

·       general and personal education

·       business education  

·       education in domestic science – theoretical and practical.

„Leisure coaching (FCKJ), especially for children and teenagers“ is unique in Carinthia and included in the three-year education.

“Home-help” is also an additional branch. The students learn skills and get background information about people care. This is a perfect opportunity for our graduates to use all their knowledge and skills they learn in the LFS Buchhof. In both additional branches we work in cooperation with the organization „Kärntner Hilfswerk“.

After completing a project (FCKJ), the 5 practical weeks in social institutions (Home-help) and passing the final examinations, each student receives besides the „skilled worker certificate“ in Business management and Domestic science, the diploma „Leisure coach for children and teenagers and the diploma “Home-help”.

2. We are different from others!
All our students come to the morning classes and go home after the afternoon classes. All students get lunch in our school – prepared by the students themselves or from the school canteen. We offer laptop classes. The students have, besides the practical subjects in school, eight weeks of professional practice in different companies, e.g. Tourism, Agriculture, Home economics and Social work. So we have about 50% practical work on average in the three-year education.

  1. Conclusion: Our well educated graduates have a lot of chances, they are able to work in Domestic science, Tourism, in Public organizations, Agriculture, Home-help or independently as a Leisure coach. The acquired skills are very useful in everyday life. Education at our school is also a good preparation for the final school exams and university.

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